Printing Material - Equipment Supply

Printing material - equipment supply is one of the main businesses of the Saigon Cultural Products Corporation LLC. With rich experience, high technical level, member companies of the Saigon Cultural Products Corporation LLC always understand and grasp customers' requirement to advise the optimal solutions of application products.

Printing Import - Export Company (PRIMEXCO): A reputable brand name in the country, specializing in importing and trading in printing machines, material, equipment at the request of customers with main supply from Japan, such as 5-6 color offset printing machines, creasing machines, cutting machines, closing metal machines, etc..., supplying offset papers with many sizes and goods delivery.

Saigon Printing & Material JSC (SAPRIMCO): Known as one of the leading companies specialized in manufacturing offset printing inks, importing and distributing printing materials, such as Phoenix printing rubber, DSC (Germany) printing chemical, plate, chemical ink, paint and additive imported from America, Germany, Japan, ....

Printing Mechanic JSC: Reliable choice for customers in offset printing machines trading, print packing, e-number and the machines to finish printing products. Besides of producing knife grinders, 12 hands rolling machines …, the company also processes aluminum rubber splints, knives sharpening and other services for renovation, repair, installation and maintenance of printers and after printing machines.

Come to the Saigon Cultural Products Corporation LLC, customers will be satisfied with the services, sales and other customer cares. Saigon Cultural Products Corporation LLC commits to provide customers with high quality products with reasonable prices.

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